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  • Brand: Satya
  • Incense Type: Masala
  • Product Code: Nag Champa
NagChampa Agarbatti | Incense Sticks | Dhoop Herbal Smudging | No Charcoal | Low Smoke Fragrance for Aromatherapy | Energy Cleansing | Room Freshener | Meditation | Yoga | Pooja- 40 gm (Pack of 1)

Nag Champa 40 gm (Pack of 1)

SKU: B09SX3D619
  • Using the finest quality ingredients and aromas, each Trikuta Agarbatti Incense & Dhoop Stick will add the fragrance of serenity to your space. Products utilise flowers offered at the temple for the fragrance. The aroma will serve as a stress reliever and will permeate a sense of calm in the ambience. Fragrances with the soothing aromas of Sandalwood, Pine, Kashmiri Rose, Patchouli Pure Panadi and Mogra, Orignal Bhimsen Camphor, Gugal Dhoop/Sticks, Camphor Sticks Our Luxury Incense Sticks are crafted with love and care. With every purchase, you are empowering the women with independence, employment and an enhanced standard of living. Spread the fragrance to your home and hers. Not only a perfect house warming gift, but also the perfect accessory for your home to celebrate occasions and upcoming festivals. Just Login – Two in one benefits from a single fragrant pack of incense:


    1. Refreshing Aroma: Fights bad odour and is a traditional fragrance for home, outdoors and office Ideal for Gifting: Makes for a good gifting choice for close friends and family when combined with a complimentary item.


    2. Adjust fragrance intensity: Light up more less incense sticks depending on the fragrance intensity you desire Storage: Incense sticks are always to be stored in cool, dark, dry, non-inflammable areas.


    3. Usage Method: Always light any incense in safe zones, away from flammable items.


    4. Rooted in tradition: Traditional recipe of homes from India.


    5. Safe ingredients, not for use for any purpose other than fragrance driven incense lighting.

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