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- About Trikuta Agarbatti -

Trikuta Agarbatti

Trikuta Agarbatti is made with Pure elements to make your prayer experience divine. Using the finest quality ingredients and aromas of Sandalwood, Pine, Patchouli, Kashmiri Rose and Mogra, crafted with love and care. Each Incense Stick will add the fragrance of serenity to your space


Serves as a pleasant backdrop to meditation

Let us take meditation practice to a new level by burning Trikuta Mystic Oudh incense sticks made from sandalwood, rose, lavender, and jasmine. It will create a calm and serene environment wherever they are burnt. This, in turn, boosts your concentration and focus, thus helping you out while you offer prayers and do meditation.

Blissfull Sleep

Induces a Blissfull - Sleep 

Trikut's Balaji Chandan incense sticks, especially the ones with scents are sedative in nature and puts you to a deep relaxing sleep if you are a light sleeper. So, next time when you are finding it hard to sleep, burn Trikuta Incense Sticks, and rest assured, you’ll sleep better.

Overcome Depression

Helps Overcome Depression

Trikuta Ambica Heaven Incense Sticks can help you fight depression.
Activating ion channels that are responsible for alleviating your depression and anxiety. It also enables you to stay grounded and relaxed, further boosting your wellbeing.

Prevents Infection

Prevents Infection
Trikuta Kapoor & Green Grass Incense Dhoop / Sticks have antibacterial properties that work by killing germs present in the environment. As a result, an infection carried by germs in the air does not spread, thus boosting your health and body.

Boositng Confidences

Boosting Confidences and Enegry Levels 
Needless to say, our confidence is hugely impacted by one’s ability to focus on certain things. Tirkuta's Vaidehi Incense sticks work by boosting your focus and leave you motivated, thus making you feel confident. It is highly recommended to burn incense before a big date, or presentation which would boost your confidence and your chances of success.

Drives Positve Energy

Drives Postive Energy
Trikuta's Madhu Malika and Jordan incense drive in positive energies,
This is the reason why these are highly used since ages to purify places and people before an important ceremoness.

Releives from Minor Pain

Releives you from Minor Pain
Trikuta's Rose incense is found to have high serotonin levels which works as a mild painkiller. It also helps in boosting your mood 

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